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A Website 4 You
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A Website 4 You

This is a simple one-page website to tell the world about your business, I will work with you if you want something slightly different than this style (No e-commerce), if you need something more advanced look elsewhere.

What do you get for your $89.95? You get this website (without this page), with the images and text of your choice, you get one year of hosting and a domain name of your choice if available for one year. A domain name can be your name, business name, or whatever name you want. If you want social icons on your site let me know which ones and send the url for each of your social icons.

To get started email the two digital images, one for the upper image and one for the lower image. The upper image should be about W=700px X 500px. And the lower image should be about W=500px X 300px. Send the text you want on your site and let me know where to place it. I will need your name, business name, business address, business phone number, email address, and business hours/days. Email this information to me at: awebsite4you@earthlink.net

Make sure all of the information in the “Location” section is correct. The “About Me” section is information about you or your business (65 words or less) be sure to send a digital image of yourself if you prefer.

If you do not have any digital images you can get free images from the websites below, but they may not be exactly what you are looking for. You can also use your mobile phone to take your images.


Get images in the landscape layout (wider than they are tall), if you use these free images, be sure to send the web address (url) of each image so I can find it on the web. The web address (url) is located at the top of the page (window) in the address bar.

When I get the information I need from you I will insert it into your website when it is complete I will email you and if you are satisfied with your website, click on the PayPal Buy Now button below and pay the $89.95 fee. No refunds will be issued.

While I am working on your website try to find a domain name you like, type the domain name that you want into the search box,  for instance, if you want the name “Tameka Hair Shop.com”  type this into the search box tamekahairshop.com   with no spaces, to search for your domain name click on GoDaddy. By any means Do Not purchase a domain name or hosting, I will do that for you.

You can make changes to the domain name you want to make it work, for instance, you want the name “Tameka Hair Shop.com”, but that name is already taken, change it to “Tameka Hair Shop 2.com” if it is available or some other variation or use a different domain name altogether.

When you pay the $89.95 fee for your website, you can pay with your Pay Pal account or with your credit/debit card scroll down to Checkout as guest. I will purchase the domain name of your choice if it is still available and upload your website to that domain name, this may take up to 48 hours. Remember there are millions and millions of websites on the internet, so, the domain name you want may not be available.