The Simplest Way to Build a WordPress Website, that Includes Hosting and a Domain Name. Everything you need to get your website on the internet.

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About Website Builders

A website builder is a tool used to build a website. A website builder lets you build a website without coding knowledge. It is an easy solution for freelancers, small business owners, or anyone who wants to create a website quickly with little time and money. Most website builders use the drag-and-drop method which is easy to use and offers plenty of flexibility and customization, they also make it easy to upload pictures and videos. There are many website builders out there to choose from, but I recommend this one because these websites look great once you get them set up.

You Can Build Your Website Without Knowing Any Code

This Website Builder Includes

200+ Website Templates to Choose From — Drag-and-Drop Website Builder — Real-Time SEO — Hosting and Domain Name for one-year for only $35.40 — Money-Back Guarantee.

Do You Need A Website

If you are planning on starting a business, you need a website. Most people search online before making a purchase. Or you may just want a personal website.

How To Build A Website With This Website Builder

Read all three columns before you click on the words "Click Here" at the end.

You will need to choose a domain name, most likely a name that describes your business. You will need this domain name later when you sign-up. When you search for a domain name, do not leave any spaces between the letters in the domain name; for instance, Jake Shoe Shop would be written, or the suffix could be .biz, .net, .org, or whatever domain names are available, but try to get a .com suffix, if possible if not get whatever domain name you can get.

Click on Domain Name Search to find a domain name. Type the domain name you want in the search box, and click on Lookup; if you get this message, The requested domain was not found in the Registry or Registrar’s RDAP server, which means the domain name is available. You can use it; if you do not get that message try another domain name until you get that message. When you find an available domain name, save it; you will need it later.

Follow these instructions after you click on Click Here, at the end of these three columns.
After you click on Click Here at the end of these three columns, when that page opens, click on the word Websites at the top of that page and do not click on the drop-down menu; when that page opens, scroll down about halfway to the terms WordPress + Website Builder Plans. If you prefer, you can read the information as you scroll down to that point.

If you are starting your website, I suggest the Shared Starter plan on the left side of the page, then click on the Sign Up Now button below. When that page opens, click on Register a new domain. A search box will open below, then type the domain name you chose earlier in that search box and click on the search symbol. This message will appear below that search box. Congrats, your domain name is available Then click on the ADD FOR $0.00 button.

The SECURE CHECKOUT page will open. Before you type in your Credit / Debit Card information without scrolling, look to the bottom left side of that page, you will see an arrow pointing upward, click on that arrow, and when that page moves down, click on Yearly unless you want to pay for three years in advance. If you choose Monthly you will not get the free domain name and must purchase a domain name separately.
If the information below appears, ensure all these boxes are unchecked unless you want any of these services, which will increase the total price.

DreamShield Protection

DreamHost SEO Toolkit

DreamHost Email

Google Workspace

Your Due today total is now $35.40.

Scroll to the top and click on the arrow pointing downward on the left side of the page in the white section above the words Shared Starter, and you will be directed back to SECURE CHECKOUT page. Type in your payment information.

To get started Click Here. When the website opens, go to Follow these instructions on the left side of these instructions.

Website Designers

If you do not want to do it yourself, let the web designers below do it for you.


This business operates online only; I have clients worldwide, therefore, I did not need to include a physical address. If you need to contact me, use my email address below.


I check my emails daily, but it may take me a few days to reply back to you.


I have been in the website business for over thirty years; I have purchased domain names, hosting, and website builders, and I have used WordPress. I have done most of everything about building a website.
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